Todd Bryant



A virtual reality experience inspired by real events.

Game of Thrones Mobile Projection Campaign

A four city mobile projection campaign for HBO's hit show. The end result was a series of pop-up multimedia performances in New York, Philadelphia, LA, and San Francisco.

For mobility and flexibility we mounted our projection turret on moving vehicles and controlled the Dragon animations with a real time video game engine driven by a gamepad, which allowed us realtime control of the dragon in 3D no matter how or where we were projecting him flying.

The Return

New York Times Article

New York Times Video

Wall Street Journal

Motherboard Vice


Perspective Mapping

A video sculpture showing real-time visualization of climate change data and employing a low-energy consuming form of holographic technique using recycled / reused parts

aka Bryant's Ghost

Parallax:Perspectives - Flux Factory

Simple Creatures 2

"Simple Creatures 2" is a multimedia narrative that utilized precise 3D projection mapping on the University of Sydney's historic facade.

Tractor Projection Mapping

Hired by ADM Productions on a quick turn around, we were challenged to project on a 14 foot tall piece of agricultural machinery for a product reveal.

Blue Ridges

A study of video sculpture as clock, Blue Ridges is a self illuminated, rear projected 3D printed topographical map of the Blue Ridge Mountains showing the cast of the shadows created by the movement of the sun and the moon throughout the day and night.

Death By Art - Death By Audio
Parallax:Perspectives - Flux Factory
BRURAL: Skin of Liberty, Fractured and re-Structured - Brooklyn Fire Proof Temporary Storage Gallery

Bubble Waves

Soap bubbles reacting to sine wave patterns

Simple Creatures

3D projection mapped "expanded cinema" event on the facade of Sydney University in conjunction with Finely Tuned's "VIVID - Path to the Future" exhibition.

Heart Sculpture @ Robot Heart

The 3D Heart Engine 3.0 makes its debut at Robot Heart's fall benefit.

Persistence of Perception

A day in the life of the changing landscape of Williamsburg on May 15th, 2013.

A variable speed, 360 degree interactive panoramic timelapse video installation in which you can control both the speed of panning and speed of the timelapse with a joystick. The timelapse footage was captured using 8 Canon cameras running CHDK and stitched into a 6000 x 720 movie.

All angles are covered and it's up to you to choose the way in which you experience the day. Take your time watching the sunrise. Speed up to skip past the morning commute. Settle back in into a leisurely pace for the rest of the day and then watch the cars rise and melt back into the ground at dusk. The choice is up to you


I Like Your Taste
A human tracking animatronic window display

Tiny Planets

Further exploration on the visualization of sound waves using soap bubbles. In this video we use NASA's Sounds of the Space from Voyager missions and then more consonant and dissonant sine waves.

This is a continuation of a previous experiment found here:
Documentation of the process can be found here:

TRANSMEDIATION - ARTspace Media Lounge at the College Art Association Annual Conference
TRANSMEDIATION - Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

Mise en Matryoshkas

A screen recording of a session with Mise en Matryoshkas, a generative sight and sound installation made in Unity and using FaceOSC. As you can see there are many paths to take when creating your fractal quilt and the song as you manipulate the dolls emotions with your facial gestures

Blue Flow

Here is Blue Flow, a 7.1 surround sound sound experience in a digital space as a standalone Mac application or a stereo sound embedded web application.

Mac app (will default to stereo if 7.1 system isn't present)

Web player (only stereo):

Move around using W,A,S,D; the mouse to look; and space bar to jump.

Made for Telephone

Angelo Musco Production Promo

Angelo Musco is a Naples-born artist active in New York City since 1997. This promotional piece is a compilation of his various photo shoots and the projects that evolve from those shoots. It is not only a behind-the-scenes document, but also a call for models to volunteer to partake. Register to be a part of the creative experience at


"Silence has no opposite in noise. It is beyond positive and negative. Silence dissolves all objects. It is not related to any counterpart which belongs to the mind. Silence has nothing to do with mind. It cannot be defined but it can be felt directly because it is our nearness. Silence is freedom without restriction or centre. It is our wholeness, neither inside nor outside the body. Silence is joyful, not pleasurable. It is not psychological. It is feeling without a feeler. Silence needs no intermediary. Silence is holy. It is healing. There is no fear in silence. Silence is autonomous like love and beauty. It is untouched by time. Silence is meditation, free from any intention, free from anyone who meditates. Silence is the absence of oneself. Or rather, silence is the absence of absence. Sound which comes from silence is music. All activity is creative when it comes from silence. It is constantly a new beginning. Silence precedes speech and poetry and music and all art. Silence is the home ground of all creative activity. What is truly creative is the word, is Truth. Silence is the word. Silence is Truth."

Jean Klein